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The Pearl

sumber gambar: wikipedia

Student’s Name:


A. Novel Title: The Pearl

B. Categories: novel

C. I read this book for about 4 days


D. Did you use a dictionary? No, I did not

E. Self-rating of text comprehension. My understanding of the book was …(Check one √ )

1 Very poor

2 Poor

3 Acceptable

4 Good√

5 Excellent

F. In my opinion, the book is…

1 Very easy

2 Easy

3 Not difficult√

4 Very difficult

5 Extremely difficult

G. How do you like reading this text? I like reading this because easy to understand

H. Would you recommend your teacher to give this book to other students in the future?

Yes, I would

I. The following is the synopsis of the book

sumber gambar:

Kino was Indian pearl diver. He lived in a small town with his wife Juana  and baby son, Coyotito. When Coyotito was stung by scorpion, kino must find way to pay the doctor. When Kino discover an enormous pearl the size of seagull’s egg when out diving, he wanted to sell it . but other forces work against Kino.

Nearly as soon as Kino return from the sea, the whole town knows of the pearl. Many people want to steal it. Soon after the pearl is found, Kino is attacked in his own home. Determined to get rid of it, he take the pearl to the pearl buyer. When the pearl buyer refuse to give him money, he decided to go to the capital.

In his house, Kino is attacked by several unknown men. He killed one. One knock Kino down and try to find the pearl, but he did not find it. They soon left the house. Then they found their house burning down. Kino and his wife live in Juan Thomas hose. But, they then went travels away to sell the pearl.

In their travel, they realize that they were hunt by trackers. They run and hide. They live in the darkness and sorrow. They felt that they now had nothing but suffer. They then decide that they did not need the pearl. Finally the came back to the town and throw the pearl back to the sea. 

J. The following are the characters in the book (write the name of the characters and a brief description)

1. Kino

kino is stupid one. He afraid someone just because he from the worse race. And he had a bad temper. He is easy to be angry.

2. Juana

Juana is a good wife. She is faithful and strong.

3. Juan Thomas

Juan is kind to his brother. He do everything to help his brother

4. Doctor

the doctor is an arogant people. He is unkind and pride.

5. Apolonia

Apolonia care with family like the other woman and she also care about something she wear.

6. Trackers

The trackers are very clever hunter.

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