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The gift of the Magi

image source: wikipedia

Student’s Name:


A. Text title: the gift of the Magi

B. Categories: Short Story

C. I read this text for about 21 minutes


D. Did you use a dictionary? No, I did not

E. Self-rating of text comprehension. My understanding of the text was …(Check one √ )

1 Very poor

2 Poor

3 Acceptable

4 Good√

5 Excellent

F. In my opinion, the text is…

1 Very easy

2 Easy

3 Not difficult√

4 Very difficult

5 Extremely difficult

G. How do you like reading this text? I like this story

H. Would you recommend your teacher to give this text to another student in the future?

Yes  I would

I. I think I learned the following new words from the text I just read (write as many as you want)




The following is the summary of the text

It was close to Christmas, but Della had no money.  she cried in her bed. She could not do anything. She tried to think. She wanted to by something for her husband. Something for Christmas present. 

The only valuable thing she had just her hair. Her hair was so beautiful. It was long and brown. It was better than the queen’s jewels. Della would comb and dried her hair in front of the queen if the queen indeed in her face. 

She decided that she would like to sell her hair. She cut it and sold  it. She got twenty dollar for it. She soon,  looking for her husband present around the town. Finally, she got a beautiful watch. She bough it. She did not care about her hair that now made her just like a school boy.

She came home.  She made a dinner for her and her husband. She waited her husband back in fear. She prayed to God for made her still pretty for in her husband thought. Then,  her husband came. He stared her   in strange.  She felt afraid. 

Her husband asked her where her hair. She said all of it.  She said that she sold it because she wanted to buy something to him. She said that her hair would grow fast. It would long again as  easy. But, her husband still starred at her as strange.

Then, he show his present for Della. He bought a Comb.  A beautiful comb with jewel that Della always eager to own.  She just hope and prayed to own it. She did not have enough many to buy it.  The comb hers now,  but her hair was gone. She felt so sad. She cried.

She ask her husband about his favorite watch. The watch that he always proud of. He told her that he sold it. They just the same. They each sold their most valuable thing to bought the present. Unfortunately then the present did not seemed valuable.  They all were sad. They came to Christmas dinner in ashamed.

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