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The Death of Karen Silkwood

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Student’s Name:


A. Novel Title: The Death of Karen Silkwood

B. Categories: Novel

C. I read this book for about 4 days


D. Did you use a dictionary? No, I did not

E. Self-rating of text comprehension. My understanding of the book was …(Check one √ )

1 Very poor

2 Poor

3 Acceptable

4 Good√

5 Excellent

F. In my opinion, the book is…

1 Very easy

2 Easy

3 Not difficult√

4 Very difficult

5 Extremely difficult

G. How do you like reading this text? I like this book. It has a simple story that I can understand

H. Would you recommend your teacher to give this book to other students in the future?

Yes, I would

I. The following is the synopsis of the book

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The story of Karen and her brown envelope began in 1972 when she took a new job at a nuclear factory in Oklahoma.

In the summer of 1974 everything began to change. Susan got radioactive dust on her. Then, the factory became very dangerous. The alarm screamed more and more often. It is because the factory is working twenty-four hours a day. The safety people can not do their job well. They have to check everything carefully every day. The managers do not care about the danger. They only care about the money.

Since Karen became an official on the factory’s Union Committee, she asked a lot people a lot of questions and always wrote the answer in her notebook. The notebook was getting full. More over, she stealing negatives in the photographic laboratory and put it in a brown envelope in a secret hole in the wall.

At the beginning of November, Karen was ready for the meeting with the New York Times journalist. The brown envelope was full. Unfortunately, she got radioactive dust on her, even, all through her house. Somebody put something radioactive into her bag before she left the factory. Someone wanted to kill her.

In November 13th, 1974. Karen had an accident by a wall near a river, a few miles from the nuclear factory. She was dead. Nobody ever found the brown envelope.

J. The following are the characters in the book (write the name of the characters and a brief description)

Main character

1. Karen Silkwood

Karen Silkwood is a diligent woman. She also has a beautiful heart. She want to do everything to help people around her and all her friends. She is an educated woman. She has a prinsip to stand in the right place to do the right thing. More over she has no fear to against people who she thought were wrong.

2. Susan Philips

Susan is quite sensitive. She is fear with her boss. She think that her boss will always shout at her. But, she likes to make friend. She wants people to call her name Susan.

3. Drew

He is big and he does not talk much, but he is not dangerous

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