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The Count and The Wedding Guest

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Student’s Name:


A. Text title: The  Count and The Wedding Guest

B. Categories: Short stories

C. I read this text for about 20 minutes


D. Did you use a dictionary? No, I did not

E. Self-rating of text comprehension. My understanding of the text was …(Check one √ )

1 Very poor

2 Poor

3 Acceptable

4 Good√

5 Excellent

F. In my opinion, the text is…

1 Very easy

2 Easy

3 Not difficult√

4 Very difficult

5 Extremely difficult

G. How do you like reading this text? I like this story

H. Would you recommend your teacher to give this text to another student in the future?

Yes,  I would

I. I think I learned the following new words from the text I just read (write as many as you want)


The following is the summary of the text

Miss Conway is the woman that’s always  in black. It made Mr. Donovan interested in her. He took pity of her.  He came  close toward Miss Conway. He wanted to make her not sad again. He spoke to her. They seemed liked a close friend soon.

Miss Conway told about her unfortunate. She failure to be marriage. Her father did not want her to marriage with her boy. She began so sad. She then went away to Italy with her boy.  Her boy manage everything to be ready for her.  Finally,  her father agree with them.  He proud with her boy.

Later, she got a letter. A letter from Italy. It said that her boy died. It was why she always use all black of her. She express her sadness. She also made a tattoo of her boy in her neck.  She show it to Mr.Donovan. Mr Donovan just silence.

She invited Mr.  Donovan to come to her house. She had a bigger picture. It looks familiar. Her boy was handsome and look as  wise. She told about her sadness as well.

Mr Donovan been in love with her. He wanted her to be her wife. They soon would be marriage. Mr. Donovan said that he had a friend that looked  similar like Miss. Conway boyfriend. He invited him to the wedding party. But, there was something wrong with Miss. Conway.

 She wanted to speak to Mr.Donovan. At last, she said that all she had told about her was wrong. She was lie. She did not  tell the truth. There was nothing boy wh ever loved her. She felt afraid. She was afraid that Mr.  Donovan angry with her and left her. But, it was not. He said that he knew the untrue story since beginning. He still loved Miss. Conway.

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