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Most high school English teachers in Bengkulu province have become qualified English teachers.

A teacher plays important role in teaching and learning process. That is why qualified teachers are needed. According to Anderson (1989) there are some of characteristics that a qualified teachers must have, those are personal qualities, knowledge,  and skills.

There are four competencies that the teachers should have according to “PP no. 19 tahun 2005” about the national education standardization, these are pedagogic competency, personality competency, professional competency,  and social competency.

Usman (1995) says that professional  teachers is a person that has ability and special skills in the field  of teaching so that he/she able to do the work and function as a teacher with maximal skill.  In other words, professional teacher is an educated person and trained well, also has a lot of experience in its field (Agus F.  Tammyang in Usman  ;1995)

Nelson in Budiman (2000) states that the criteria of professional  teachers  generally devided into two main aspects, academic disposition aspect and behavior interaction aspect. Each main aspect is simplified into some specific aspect. Academic disposition aspects are specified into intellectuality,  morality, and proficiency aspect. Behavior interaction aspect is specified into communication, assignment, motivation, and empathy aspect. Moreover, each specific aspect consist of some criteria.

For the above theory it can conclude that most high school English teacher in Bengkulu province have become qualified English teacher. The teacher able to make the class interesting.  Also the teacher can explain the material clearly. There is no significant difficulties that teacher face then. They master their material as well.

Sri Handayani (2000) research show that 55, 56 % teachers success make their students feel no afraid in studying. Also, 79, 04 % teacher master the teaching English materials well. Then, 46, 47 % able to explain the teaching material clearly. Then, 63, 62 % make their course interesting, and 26, 37 teacher explain their evaluation procedure in the first meeting.

Then, Arif Budiman (2000) also  found that there are several criteria of professional teachers, which get the highest point. They are ; teachers should have common knowledge 91, 3%, teachers have consciously and systematically preparation before doing their work 53, 3 %, teachers respect the different opinion and receive the critic and suggestion 56%, teachers humorist but avoiding such rude humor 41, 3% and teachers making a consultation schedule for their students  41, 3%. 

In the research by Martiati (2004), the student’s perception toward the teaching ability of their English teacher at Senior High School Plus Seven trainee was positive. It is conclude by looking at the student’s perception in each categories  ; the skill in opening the class, the dominant perception was positive, it means that the teacher trainee success in focusing the student’s attention at the beginning of the class. Also, in the second category; the skill in giving question, the dominant answer was positive and only two items that get negative perceptions. 

Then, the skill in giving explanation, the dominant answer was positive, it meant that the students understand about the explanation that given by their teacher trainee.  Further, for the fourth category; the skill in giving reinforcement, the dominant response was also positive, it meant that the reinforcement give a good influence for the students. In addition, for the fift category; the skill in making variation, the dominant perception was also positive, so the variation that done by the teacher trainee success in reduce student’s boredom.

But, the is a finding by Nurohiman (2004) at senior high school 1 Putri Hijau show the least dominant of teaching style was variation of voice. The lack ability in applying the variation of voice leads the teachers to use the same intonation from the beginning to the end of teaching. 

Herlian Santoso  (2006) think there are difficulties in teaching based on education unit curriculum in public senior high school at Bengkulu city. Then, the result show almost all aspects in designing a lesson plan were not any significant difficulties. 

Beside, according to the interview with Mr Zarwin S.Pd as one of English teacher up grader in Bengkulu city, it was found that the English teacher dominantly faced difficulties in formulating indicator. The teacher felt difficult when they have to formulate the indicator based on basic competence which has been determined. That difficulty will impact to the process of designing materials. From his observation, the teachers do not design the materials by themselves. 

The last problem is the teacher felt difficult in choosing the method/techniques in presenting materials to the students. The new role of the teacher in Education Unit Curriculum encourages the teacher to be more creative. And that is why they sometimes face difficulties in choosing an effective technique in reaching the target competence.

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