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Pride and Prejudice

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Student’s Name:


A. Novel Title: Pride and Prejudice

B. Categories: novel

C. I read this book for about 3 days

D. Did you use a dictionary? No, I did not

E. Self-rating of text comprehension. My understanding of the book was …(Check one √ )

1 Very poor

2 Poor

3 Acceptable

4 Good√

5 Excellent

F. In my opinion, the book is…

1 Very easy

2 Easy

3 Not difficult√

4 Very difficult

5 Extremely difficult

G. How do you like reading this text? This story is so romantic

H. Would you recommend your teacher to give this book to other students in the future?

Yes, I would

I. The following is the synopsis of the book

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This story is about real live where pride, prejudice, and social status become a term that affect somebody decision. Here is Mr. Bennet family with his five daughter. Jane and Elizabeth were his favorite. They were sensible and had a good nature. Then, Mary was a calm person. Last, Catty and Lydia were ridiculous with her rude behavior.

One day, there were Mr Bingley, Miss Bingley, and Mr Darcy who were from wealth family come to their village. Mrs. Bennet want Mr. Bingley marry Jane, her favorite. Luckily, Mr. Bennet soon Loved Jane. They love each other. 

Elizabet was happy with her sister new relation. She also met a new man that she like, Mr. Wickham. Then, for surprise, Mr. Wickham know Mr. Darcy and Bingley as well. Moreover, he told much about Mr. Darcy to Elizabeth. Elizabet become more dislike Mr. Darcy.

Mr. Bingley’s sister and Mr. Darcy did not like Elizabet family. Elizabet family was middle family. They also had ridiculous behavior. They soon left the village to London to separate Mr. Bingley from Jane. Thus, Jane immediately went after him to London.

One day, Mr. Darcy confess his felling toward Elizabet. He loved Elizabet so much. Unfortunately, Elizabet dislike him. She like Mr. Wickham. Thus, Mr. Darcy then explain about who was Mr. Wickham really. He was an orphan that lived with Mr. Darcy family. He then elope with Mr. Darcy daughter, Georgiana. Then, Elizabet relize about her fault nd began love Mr. Darcy.

Elizabet took journey with her uncle and aunt to London. There, they went to Mr. darcy house, Pemberley. They enjoy it’s view there. Then, Elizabet met Mr. darcy. Mr. darcy introduce Elizabet to his sister. Finally her uncle and aunt relize about love amid Mr. Darcy and Elizabet.

Mr. Darcy help Elizabet to solve several problem. Also to repair Jane and Mr. Bingley relationship. They soon went to the Village. Then Mr Bingley and Jane engage. They all were happy. Then, Mr. Darcy and Elizabet engage too. The both  couple soon get marriage. 

J. The following are the characters in the book (write the name of the characters and a brief description)

1. Elizabeth

“But Lizzy is a little more sensible than the others,” Mr Bennet said.

        »It is clear, Elizabeth is the clever and sensible one.s

Elizabeth laughed.

       “I shall never dance with Mr Darcy,”she said. 

       “He is a very proud man. I have decided to dislike him.”

»it means Elizabeth sometimes be negative thiking, cause too fast to judge                         someone

“Please stop a minute!” Elizabeth cried. “Marriege to you will not please me. I am grateful for your proposal, but I must refuse.’

»It show that Elizabeth firm and dare 

“the end of  the letter was kind,” Elizabeth answered quickly. “we have both change.”

“Perhaps I have not always loved him as much as I do now. But that is in the     past. I know now that Darcy loves me as much as I love him. And we are engaged.

      »It means that Elizabeth can change and aware from her faults.

2. Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy

“she is quite pretty, but not beautiful enough to interest me, “. Darcy said coldly.

Darcy was very surprised when he began to be interested in Elizabeth Bennet. Darcy disliked her family-he thought that Mrs Bennet and her youngest daughters were noisy and rude. But he admired Elizabeth’s clever conversation and her beautiful dark eyes.

»the text shows that Mr Darcy is proud and arrogant cause he said Elizabeth not beautiful enough to interest him in front of many people and even Elizabeth could heard it.

Bingley laughed.

“You see how Darcy always say something clever, Miss Bennet!” he said to    Elizabeth. “He is taller than me too, so I have to Agree with him!”

»It is clear, his friend said that he is clever

Mr Darcy was going to leave Rosings in two days time. Elizabeth was thinkingabout this when the door opened and Mr Darcy came in. he was alone. He asked Elizabeth if she was well, then he sat down. A minute or two later, he stood up and began walking around the room. Elizabeth looked at him in surprise. Then, quickly an anxiously, Mr Darcy began to speak. 

“My feelings are too strong. I can hide them no longer. I must tell you how very much I love you!”

»It means Mr Darcy had change, he loved Elizabeth and didn’t care about his different social status. He is now kind.

3. Charles Bingley

However, Mr Bingley pleased everyone. And Mrs Bennet was delighted when he danced with Jane.

»That text told that Mr Bingley is the kind one.

4. Jane Bennet

Kind and Friendly

“The house is let to a young man from the north England. His name is Bingley, he’s very rich and not married. What a change this is for our dear Jane!

Everyone knows she’s the most beautiful girl in Hertfordshire. She’s so good-natured too. She will be an excellent wife for Mr Bingley.

»From the paragrafh above we can know that Jane is kind girl. She is so good-natured.

5. Mrs Bennet

“That is true, “ Mrs Bennet said. “there is always something happening in the country. I think the country is more interesting than London. But, “ she went on, with an angry look at Mr Darcy, “That gentleman does not think so.”

»It shows that Mrs Bennet is so rude, she has not good manner with angry look and said something stupid.

6. Mr Bennet

“I don’t think so my dear,” Mr Bennet said calmly. “But I’ll write to this young man and give him my permission to marry Jane-or whoever he chooses. Perhaps he’d like to marry my little Lizzy.”

»He is wise because said with calmly and want to give him his permission to marry Jane-or whoever he chooses.

7. Miss Bingley

“ I know what you are thingking, Mr Darcy,” she said.”There is no one here who interests you this evening. You are as bored as I am.

»She is arrogant with said something like that. And she is also unkindly.

Caroline Bingley had been angry when Darcy married ellizabeth. But, Miss Bingley soon decided that she was still Jane and Elizabeth’s friend. She enjoyed visiting Pemberley and spending time with Elizabeth and Georgiana Darcy.

»This text told us that Miss Bingley can change to be a kind one.

8. Kitty and Lydia

Silly and thoughtless

Kitty and Lydia, the youngest of the Bennetgirl, had a much happier time than Elizabeth. A militia regiment was staying in Meryton for the winter. The officers were at the ball wearing their smart red coats. Kitty and Lydia danced with the young soldiers all evening.

       »they are looked have not the other things to do except waste their time.

9. Mr George Wickham

My father died five years ago. He had arranged for Wickham to have the living at Pemberley. Wickham also inherited £1000 from my father.six months after my father died, Wickham told me that he wished to study law. But Wickham had no money. I sent him £3000. Wickham was now living in London and I did not hear from him again for three years. Then, to my surprise, he said he was going to be a clergyman and asked for the living at Pemberley. I refused to give him the living and did not see him again until last summer.

»It means that Wickham has not good behavior. He did not tell the truth.

10. Mr Collins


“Let me explain why I wish to marry,” he went on. Firstly, I think that all clergymen should be married. Secondly, marriage will make me happier. And thirdly-and most importantly-I have been told to marry by my patron, lady Catherine de bourgh. Lady Catherine has promised to fisited my wife often. With lady Catherine as our patron, we will Lady Catherine as our patron, we will be very happy.

11. Charlotte Lucas


Later that day, the Bennets and Mr Collins dined with the Lucases. Charlotte Lucas sat next to Mr Collins. She agreed with everything he said. By the end of the evening, Charlotte’s plan had susseeded. Mr Collins was interested in her.

12. Catherine de Bourgh


“Miss Bennet! Do you know who I am?” Lady Catherine asked angrily. “No one speak to me like this! I am Darcy’s aunt and I must know what he has said to you!”


“You cannot marry my nephew!” Lady Catherine cried. “You have no position in sosiaty and no money. You cannot be part of our family.

13. The Gardiners

Mr Gardiner had good manners and he was well-educated. His wife, who was several years younger than Mrs Bennet, was an intelligent and well-dressed woman. She cared very much for Jane and Elizabeth and they often stayed with her in London.

14. Louisa Hurst


Caroline Bingley looked at her sister and they both laughed unkindly.

“she walked three miles across the wet fields,” Caroline said.

“Did you see how untidy her hair was, Louisa?”

“Yes, I did. And didyou see the mud on her dress?” Louisa replied.

15. Sir William Lucas


Darcy was silent and the dance continued. A few moments later, Sir William Lucas came up. He bowed to them and said, “it is good to see you dancing, my dear sir. Miss Elizabeth Bennet is a delightful partner. I’m sure we will all have many pleasant evenings here-especially after a certain event takes place.”

16. Colonel Fitzwilliam


Colonel Fitzwilliam was a pleasant man with fine manners and he talked politely for sometime, but Mr Darcy sat quietly without speaking. At last, he asked Elizabeth about her family. Elizabeth answered him and then went on, “My eldest sister has been in London for the past three months. Have you seen her there?”

“Yes, but I look after Miss Darcy too,” Fitzwilliam replied.  “We are both her guardians.

17. Mrs Reynolds

Tell the truth

“Yes, sir, but I don’t know when he will get married,” the house-keeper answered. “ I do not know anyone who is good enough for Mr Darcy. He is a good-natured and delightful young men.”

18. Mary Bennet 

At dinner, the four sisters talled about what had happened. Kitty had been crying, but Mary, as usual, was calm.

“I am sorry this has happened,” mary said to Elizabeth, “But we must look after each other and not listen to unkind gossip.

“There is a lesson to be learnt from Lydia’s behavior,” Mary went on. “ It is this. When a young woman turns aways with a man, she is disgraced. This is what I have read. Once a woman has been disgraced, people will always think she is bad.”

Elizabeth was too unhappy to replay. Mary is as silly as Lydia she thought.

»I think Mary is quite clever one. Cause her said is right.

19. Georgiana Darcy

Georgiana Darcy was not proud but very shy and polite.

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