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Improving Elementary Students’ Pronunciation through Watching Western Cartoon

Pronouncing English word correctly is not easy for second language learner, especially elementary students. The writing word in English in not the same as how it pronounce. Even, the same letter may be different. 

If they do not know the word, they will find difficult to guest how to pronounce it. If they have known, it is not means they have  pronounced it correctly. They have to know how the native speaker pronounce it. 

Native speaker have the different way in saying word from us. The students have to know how native speaker say “th” in “this”, “that”, and “the”. They have to know how to pronounce “ed” in “learned”.

They have to know how to say the word correctly. Because of that, in this paper, I would like to tell you about improving elementary students’ pronunciation through watching English cartoon.

Watching film is not as simple as we think. If we do not watch it seriously. We can easy to forget the film. Whereas, in one film we can get many benefit. We can get moral value, knowledge about the theme, learn the new problem and its solving, and exactly, the correct pronunciation. 

So, we should watch it seriously. In  this article, I mean the film is western cartoon because it is for elementary students. 

It is still the same that they should watch it seriously. Then, they should focus to hear how the actor saying the word. They should keep it in heart first. After keep it in heart while watch the film. They can repeat it softly in order to not disturb the watching process. 

After keep it and repeat it, they can try to say it again and again. They could try to say it happily after watching the film too. They can repeat the actor sentence.

Watching western carton will be interesting enough because it has good animation . The animation nowadays is more wonderful. Even, the animation is look like the real world with the real character.

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