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Solok Tourism Destination

Are you a nature-lover? Cause West Sumatera has lots of mesmerizing tourism destinations.

When people talk about West Sumatera, the well-known tourism destination are Mentawai Island, Bukittinggi, and Harau Valley. 

It is a deniable fact that a great marketing will attract visitor to plan their holiday. 

However, it will be unjust if all the potential tourism sites are not exposed. 

That’s why I wrote this short article to share it with you.
One of the most famous for local tourist,  to witness this breath-taking landscape, is located in Alahan Panjang, Solok regency.
You have to travel around 60km via bus or car from Padang, the capital city of West Sumatera. 

It has several fascinating locations where you can visit all of them in just half day.

1. Tea Plantation

Along the main road in Alahan Panjang, you will be surrounded by endless tea plants, biloowy hills, foggy and cool breeze.

Alahan panjang is well-known as the main are for harvesting tea since Netherlands colonial era.

People can freely stop at the side of the road and walk to the plantation. 

You can also enjoy the local coffee and freshly-baked corn.

2. Twin Lake; Danau di ateh and Danau di bawah

If you are not the native speaker of Minangnese, ateh means the upper part while bawah means the lower part.

Once you heard the name, you will speculate that Diateh Lake is on the higher part while Dibawah lake in the lower part.

Surprisingly, It is the opposite. It is quite confusing for the visitor yet it was its an unique way how the local named it.

The best place to visit first is the upper lake, Dibawah Lake. 

You can look at the twin lake, clean blue water, tall shady trees, Minangnese traditional house, local farms, tea plantation.

The main events are letting the cool breeze gently touch your face, finding peace, praising the Creator, taking pictures and bonding with mother nature.

These are what the nature-lovers craving for. 

Furthermore, to fully enjoy the local culture, the local residents also sell souvenirs, and traditional foods.

The lake is quite deep, so most suggested activities to do are those listed above.

Next, travel down to diateh lake. This area is more accessible than di bawah lake. 

It is located just next to the main provincial highway. 

The local government has built inns, playground, local culinary and souvenirs stores just next to the lake.

Diateh lake is more shallow. So, you can actually enjoy the fresh clean water, even swim. 

There are small boats which help you to travel to the centre of the lake.

3. Danau Talang

Talang lakeis a volcanic lake located in Mount Talang. 

It is not as big as Twin Lake but it offers peaceful atmosphere since It is surrounded by hills.

Hence, local people also called it as Talago sunyi, a quiet lake. 

It is just 5 km from the Twin lake. It is quite challenging to reach the lake.

Motorcyclist is more suited to travel here. The track is slippery and muddy. 

The hardwork will be paid off when you finally reach the lake and enjoy all its features.

These are the unexposed hidden gems to local tourist and foreign tourist in Solok regency, West Sumatera. 

Plan your vacation and visit them after the outbreak of COVID19 is finally gone.

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