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Contoh Bab I Skripsi Bahasa Inggris

Contoh Bab I Skripsi Bahasa Inggris
Menulis skripsi merupakan kewajiban mahasiswa untuk menyelesaikan studi di perguruan tinggi. Menulis skripsi mudah bagi sebagian orang. Sebagiannya lagi merasa biasa saja. Ada pula yang merasa kesulitan. 

Sebelum memasuki semester akhir, biasanya sudah ada yang menakut-nakuti tentang kesulitan mengerjakan skripsi. Kalau kamu adalah salah satu mahasiswa yang ditakut-takuti sebaiknya jangan terpengaruh. Jalani saja setiap langkah menjelang kelulusanmu. Yang terpenting adalah selalu mengusahakan yang terbaik dan jangan lupa berdoa.

Seperti apa sih skripsi itu? Untuk lebih jelas, kali ini akan ditunjukkan gambaran dari skripsi. Berikut adalah cuplikan dari skripsi. Ini adalah contoh bab pertama dari skripsi program pendidikan bahasa inggris.


1. Background
English teachers may experience the same situation in which the students do not want to speak. There are several factors causing this problem. First, the students feel that they lack of confidence to speak. Second, the students state that they are short of words to say in conversation. Third, the students tell the teacher that the topic of the conversation is not interesting (Nazarah, 2011).

In addition, Chamot ( 1993, cited in Madsa, 2012) argued  that the students in class experienced the poorest condition of speaking. That was a result from lack of speaking practice. Moreover, the students, especially Asian students tend to be reluctant to speak English in class and after class. They need teacher to encourage and motivate them to speak.

Similarly, based on researcher observation, students of Grade XI social 3 of MAN 5 Tanjung Enim have difficulties to speak English. In speaking class, almost all of the students were categorized as poor speaker. They spent to much time to think what to say and how to start to say. Also, when teacher asked students to speak, almost all of them were lack in accuracy, fluency, and comprehension. They do not know how to pronounce “question” as “quescen”, they pronounce it  “question” exactly like the word was written. They pronounce what they see the word like in their mother tongue. It is also proven on the data that researcher got. They have low grade in speaking test. The number of students who got the score higher than minimum standard score (KKM) in that school that is 76 is only 41 %.  

To solve this problem, it can be done by some techniques or strategies of learning speaking to improve students’ speaking ability. In the research, a world cafe strategy is assumed able improve student’s speaking ability. The researcher believes that the world cafe strategy can improve the students’ speaking ability because in this strategy, the students could speak about what they think in the group in informal situation. So, the students will be enjoying speaking. In addition, if the students practice more in speaking they will get better in their speaking ability.

World Café Strategy is a learning strategy that allows students to gather and share information from one group to another group. The information can be the new learning point, a review of previously learnt information or a reflection of understanding about the topic (Brown, 2001).

There are two previous researches that had been done by other researchers. First, Hornett (2007) conducted a research entitle “World café: simulating seminar dialogues in a large class” in Penn State, Great Valley. It found that the students in the larger class using world café reported in course evaluation and in conversational anecdotes that they enjoyed the learning experiences in the course. Second, Anderson (2012) conducted a research entitle “Use the World Café concept to create an interactive learning environment” in Cardiff University. It is found that the world café idea is suitable for use during a full day or a half a day meeting if the topic relates to complex clinical experiences or encounters.

Beside that, the world café is a friendly way for creating meaningful and cooperative dialogue around question. It could gather for collaborative thought. It build in small, intimate conversations link and build each other as people move between groups ( Schieffer et al, 2004). Therefore, the researcher conducted research entitle “Improving Students’ Speaking Skill by Using World Cafe Strategy at Grade XI Social 3  of MAN 5 Tanjung Enim”.

2. Identification of the problem
Based on the background above, identification of this research was student at MAN 5 Tanjung Enim at Grade Social 3 has difficulty in speaking skill. 

3. Limitation of the problem
This research only improve students’ speaking skill using world cafe strategy.

4. Research Question
To what extent can world cafe strategy improve students’ speaking skill at Grade XI Social 3 of MAN 5 Tanjung Enim?

5. The Purpose of the research 
The purpose of this research was to explain whether discovery strategy can improve students’ speaking skill.

6. The Significance of the research
For teacher
Hopefully could help teachers resolve the speaking skill problem in MAN 5 Tanjung Enim at Grade XI Social 3.

For students
The researcher expects that the students speaking skill will be better.

7. Definition of Key Term
To avoid misunderstanding, the key term of this research are defined below:

Speaking : Speaking is the active production skill and use of oral production. It is the capability of someone to communicate orally with others.

World  café: World Café Strategy is a learning strategy that allows students to gather and share information in group. The information can be the new learning point, a review of previously learnt information or a reflection of understanding about the topic.  Then, they move from one group to another group. The format consist of several round / movement from one group to another group in every several minutes.

Bagaimana? Mudah bukan? Untuk Bab I nya hanya begini saja. Perjuangannya lebih terasa di pencarian data dan pencarian referensi. Baiknya terus berkomunikasi dengan teman-teman yang sama sedang mengurus skripsi. Tapi kalau lebih suka menyiapkan semuanya sendiri juga baik.

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