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My Part Time Job Experience

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In 2010, I entered a new world. University World that I have long dreamed of. I was thinking maybe I would never go to a university. I thought, after graduating from high school I would just got married. I thought of wanting to be a migrant worker. I thought may be I would look for work. Sometimes, over thinking is not good. Finally, I went to college in my city. I was very excited at that time. Maybe it is also because at that time it was the World Cup season that I truly follow from the first match to the last match. The atmosphere of world enthusiasm because of football at that time made me enthusiastic for college too.

I was so excited. I was probably the first one who come to enroll in my university at that time. I also re-registered as the earliest. I followed the matriculation in my university joyfully. When I first entered the University, my sister was a final year student at the university. She is active in the several students organization. My sister gave me a lot of advice. She advised me to join and be active in the students organization. She advised me to participate in as many activities as possible. I enthusiastically followed my sister's advice. I am actually classified as very quiet person. But my sister was even more motivated to motivate me, "In fact, by participating in many activities and being active in your organization, you will gain experience and learn a lot."

"That's right." I thought.

Fortunately, in the beginning I went to college was like a good start. The students representatives of my study program is really active. They mostly are kind older siblings too. They held a study tour that had not been held in our study program for a long time. This program is their work program in the year they served as the students representatives of my study program. They got full support of our lecturers. At that time, I did not think that my parents gave me the opportunity to participate. Even though at first I told them that there was a study tour program, I only told my parents without the intention to participate. I was so happy to finally join the program. Study tour to the Java island. The island that I have only seen on television.

After study tour, my enthusiasm grew up more and more. Every seminar that held on campus I tried to participate. The seminar held by the University, organized by the Students Representative , which was organized by the students representative of my faculty, was all I attended. Listening to the lecture I do really like. Adding new knowledge. While listening to the material, I was happy taking notes. But I would never give comment or ask questions at a seminar. I was not an active participant.

Besides participating in seminar and training activities held by the university, I also followed my sister's advice to join any kind of students organization. Even though I'm not an talk active person. I just went along. College is a place to learn a lot for me. Including learning to join organize. How to work in team. How to understand each other for reach one big goal. Then, I have been in several of  students organizations. I have tried students health organizations, but finally I quit because it turns out that it did not suit me all. I have been in students organizations related to entrepreneurship too. I then join a political organization too. This is the most difficult students organization. I have also tried learning by joining organizations related to nature as well. None of that really suited me. But at least I've tried to learn to upgrade my abilities.

My sister then also advised me to earn little money. She introduced me to her friends who like to do a little business. My sister said her friend had a successful business. Sister's friend sold a variety of electronic equipment. She sold her merchandise on campus. Sister's friend is really sociable person. "I'm very quiet sis. How do you want to sell and offer something?" But my sister never gave up motivating me. I was not interesting with this business, the next I was introduced to another business. At that time my sister gave me a little information about writing on the internet that can make money. But I did not understand enough.

My sister said, "when we are students of university, we should have started learning to work for earning money. Even though it is a little. Although the income is not much enough. When you are a student of university, you have to learn a lot of positive things and develop your abilities. Hopefully, if you already graduated, it will be easier to get a job. It will also be easier if you want to open a business. Because you have learned while you are a student. The more experience you have in college the better."

I started to make several blog with various themes. The contents are about what I like. But I have difficulty in writing. After several month, and several years, I gave up. I told my sister that I could not write. It was very difficult to write. Even only for one paragraph I could spend all day all night. Then my sister let me learn how to write first. While she continued her blog. She is a blogger, owner of She really likes writing. During high school, She several times had won scientific papers. Likewise in college, she even success to the national level in the field of writing scientific papers.

Maybe because my sister saw that I was serious when I said I had difficulty in writing, she finally offered me to be a Lecturer assistant. She has been a Lecturer assistant for several years. She offered me to be a lecturer assistant too. I refused it because the position was not to teach courses in accordance with my major. She apparently did not force me. She then offered me to teach private lessons for young learner. She has a friend who has a private education network business. Her friend gathered several students of university. All are gathered to teach private lessons to students who have registered with her.

I then met my sister's friend. I saw she comes from a rich family. Maybe something like this, become an entrepreneur, is taught for families member. She is a person who looks very enthusiastic. She explained that I was assigned to teach a first grader. My job is only to accompany the child to study. "For example, learning to draw. Can also learn to write and count. Later the fee is calculated based on the number of meetings. One meeting is Rp. 25,000. A week there are two meetings for this child. I used to teach this child myself, but I leave it with you now. The payment is taken after one month at my house."

I accept the job. I want to make this job as a chance to learn. I had never taught children before. Moreover, first-grader. My sister's friend the child is usually accompanied by a maid. Whereas this kid's mom usually went abroad. The house of the child is far from my university, far from my home too. I had to be enthusiastic in learning. I then went to the child's home. The first meeting with the child. he was with his mother. His mother asked the child to be taught only letter and number. I found that her son didn't want to study. Her son is busy playing and running. I feel dizzy and tired. But I did not give up.

The second meeting, the kid began to come near me. He had a better manner. He sat calm. He told me about his favorite toy, his school, and his favorite teacher. I didn't expect than he criticize me. He said that it was better to be taught by the previous teacher. "Yes, of course. The previous teacher was a student majoring in children education. Students who are indeed learning how to teach elementary school children. While I'm not majoring in that field. I also haven't taught young learner before" I said in my deep heart.

Then I was lazy to teach the child. At that time, I also had a lot of assignments from lecturer. I then decided to stop teaching the child. I went to my sister's friend house. She accepted my resignation without asking. I then focus on my lecture. Several months after that, there was an offer from my friend. It is for teaching private lessons too but the students is bigger. She is in fifth grade, my friend said, the child wanted to learn English only.

"Do you accept it?" my friend ask.

"Yes" I said

My friend then gave the kid's cellphone number. I was accepted to be his private tutor. I replaced my friend. She said she was busy. She could no longer teach the child. Fortunately, the kid's house is not so far from my house. The first time I met the child, it sounded rather terrible. Her body is bigger than my body. She welcomed me very rudely. She is alone at home. Her parents turned out to be busy people. Her father often comes home late at night. Her mother was almost never at home. She told me that he liked English the most. She then asked me why the private tutor got a low salary, "Only Rp. 250,000 for a month? for two meetings a week, right? one meeting is 90 minutes? I used to go to the course place where I pay one million for a month."

Well, I got this job from my friend. She said it was the salary that she got. Actually the child is really rich. For her family, Rp. 250,000 had no meaning. She even sometimes didn't want to learn if she tired. Once a month just had only one meeting. But she still forced to give me Rp 250,000. It was very unique to teach the child. I taught the child for a long time until finally I had a lot of assignment from lecturer. I had no time to teach her.

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  1. Cool! I've never thought of earning money when I was an university student. I did so many assignments taking my times so much so I couldn't do anything except my assignments..