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Vocabulary Today

Vocabulary Today

meal = makanan
eat = makan
fatty food = makanan berlemak
takeout meal = makanan cepat saji yg mudah dibawa
exercise = olahraga
fitness = kesehatan fisik
weight = berat
physical = fisik

I like try so many kind of food. But my meal time is not regular. Sometimes I eat too early sometimes too late. Sometimes I just eat by mood. If I in mood of eating then I eat. If I do not in mood eating anything, then I do not eating. Well, I do not like fatty food. I rarely do exercise. I am not that weight. I want to keep my physical health. But sometimes i just forget to do fitness.

vacation = liburan
photo = foto
beach = pantai
temple = candi
scuba diving =  menyelam dalam dengan tabung gas

Sometimes people need vacation. It is good to reduce stress. People like beach. Some of them like scuba diving. Some people do not like beach. They visiting tourism place. Like historical place, temple.

downtown = bagian kota yang ramai
retired people = orang-orang pensiun
working people = orang-orang yang bekerja
young people = pemuda
family = keluarga
neighborhood = bertetangga/ berdekatan
busy = sibuk
fast paced = cepat mondar mandir

I live at downtown. There so many working people here. They are looks busy always. They fast paced. They have family and live together. They are not too young. Only a few young people here. This could said as neighborhood. This is an outdoor market area. I live near to the market.

souvenir = sovenir
historical sight = pemandangan bersejarah
bargain clothing store = toko baju yang bisa ditawar
city information = informasi mengenai kota
local meeting place = tempat pertemuan lokal
inexpensive hotel = hotel yang tidak mahal

If I go to a historical place. I would like to buy some souvenir. I hope there is also bargain clothing too. I would like to find some city information there. If there is a local meeting place inside I would like to recommend it. And if it is far from my regency then I would like to get inexpensive hotel. 

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