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Sambal Tahu Tempe Recipe

Sambal Tahu Tempe Recipe

Indonesia is beautiful country. It has so many islands with so many different culture. Especially so many variation of culinary. As a country that has rich nature. Almost all Indonesian food are rich of ingredients. Food with many ingredients is a delicious food. Like in Sumatera. Sumatera has so many food variation that have rich ingredients. For example, all food that so spicy. 

Sambal Tahu Tempe is main dishes. It usually eat with rice. It taste is so spicy. It use chili that much. Sambal Tahu Tempe is popular food in Indonesia. I made from tofu and tempe. It all food made from soybean. It may said that sambal tahu tempe is greasy food. Because it is made by using much oil. Tahu tempe is fried. Then chili is fried too.

Tempe commonly known as Javanese food. Also tofu. People known that as Java Island food. Javanese maybe truly like tofu tempe. Or they are who made tempe for the first time. But now, tahu tempe is popular almost in every area in Indonesia. 

Five tofu
One small tempe
Seventeen Chili
One Tomato
Five Red onion

1. Slice tofu to be two part
2. Cut tempe in small size
3. Blend chili, tomato, and red onion
4. Fry tofu and tempe until golden
5. Remove tofu and tempe
6. Stir fry chili, tomato, and red onion
7. Give salt 
8. Wait until cooked through
9. After it cooked, turn off the stove
10. Wait about five minutes until the steam removed from chili jam
11. Add  tofu and tempe
12. Stir tofu tempe with chili jam
13. Serve it with rice

Usually this sambal tahu tempe is eaten with vegetable stir fry too. Or fresh vegetable called "lalapan". It is anykind of vegetable. Or could also be eaten with crisply. And for beverage, sambal tofu tempe often eat with ice tea as beverage. Sambal tahu tempe is one favorite in my family too. I know sambal tahu tempe since I was a very little girl. When I not became student yet.

Sambal tahu tempe is daily commonly food. It is popular because many people like it. It is also easy too cook. It could eat with any kind of food actually. It could be part of other dishes too. It could be part of other rise too. For example fried rice. People often eat fried rice use this sambal tahu tempe too.

It is could be serve as daily meal. It is could be serve as party food too. It is truly flexible food that could served in many situation. It is actually looks like middle class food. But it has so many advantages in eat that. It made from soybean. So it has high value of protein. It is cheap food. But it has expensive protein. Some said that tempe has same protein value  as meat.

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  1. I like tempe very much almost every day bought it and i make tempe bacem, orek tempe