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My Self

My Self

Let me introduce my self. My name is Nina Mustika. People call me Nina. My students call me Ibu Nina. I like to hear "Ibu Nina". I don't know why. I just like it. Well, I am twenty eight years old. I was born on January 1991. I am a second child of four. I have one sister, my elder. And I have two brother that younger than me. My sister, Zefy,  work as social worker take care of human sanitation. My two brother are students at University. One named Ardi is Business Management Student, and one named Daurez is Islamic Communicaftion Students.

My Self

I came from Bengkulu. My Father and Mother are Bengkulunese. I had my elementary school, junior high school, senior high school, and university all in Bengkulu. When I was in elementary I didn't follow any extracurricular activities. When I was in Junior high school I joint PASKIBRAKA for several month. Until I realize that it isnt  switch for me. I am not that height. Then when I was in senior high school I joint Drama Club for several month. But I could follow any longer because of the expensive cost.

When I was in University, I joint PRAMUKA for years. I thought I like that. It was challenging movement. There so many challenging activities. I like nature. I like hiking. But I don't like climbing mountain. Because when I was a little child I got news that one of my neighbor died when he climbed mountain. He slipped and fell into ravine.

I enrolled in University at 2010. I took English Study Program. It is study program about how to be english teacher. I like my study. I join many seminars and workshop. I follow many activity that I could. I had a chance to field work practice with Universitas Sriwijaya, Universitas  Riau, and Universitas Jambi  at Musi Banyu Asin for a month.

For my practical study at last semester in University, I taught in MAN 1 Bengkulu. Then I graduated in 2014. When I graduated I began write an English Course Modul with my bestfriend, Nurhasanah. But soon She got a job. And at the same time, I got an interesting news about Goverment Program. Ptogram to teach at remote area of Indonesia.

I follow the test at 2015. I went to Padang, Sumatera Barat. The test is held by Universitas Negeri Padang. I past the test. The Government send me to Nusa Tenggara Timur. I placed at Timor Tengah Utara regency for a year. I taught at Mts Nurul Falah Kefamenanu. I taught first grade. There were two class of first grade. Class A and Class B.

For along 2017, I studied at Universitas Negeri Padang, Sumatera Barat. I studied more about teaching. For field practical study, I taught at SMAN 2 Padang. The study program was given by government as bonus for teaching at remote regency before. The study program used dormitory sistem. So I lived at dormitory for one year. I have two roommates from different province. One, Hesti from Riau. One, Rara from Jambi.

Januari 2018 I came back to Bengkulu, my hometown. I met my family. I met my sister. My sister told me about blogger and how to be blogger. I felt interested. I learn much how to be blogger. Then I join blogger community too. Actually I know about since I graduated from senior high school. I also had made several blog with several niche. But, I don't understand that much. Now, blogging be my hobby. I use my spare time to write in my blog. I have and

My Self

April 2019 I got marriage. Then I move to Tanjung Enim, Muara Enim, Sumatera Selatan. My husband work here. He is a teacher. He teaches electricity lesson at vocational high school. I continue my work at I write as much as I can. Writing now become my hobby. In my daily life I often think about new idea to write. That how I run my life.

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