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My Food Story

My Food Story

This my food story. I actually like so many of food. I do not too much thinking about food. What is served in my family all I want to eat. Daily my mother ask me too cook. Or my sister. Or we cooked together, me and my sister. But my mother ask to cooked with a few chili only. My mother said it is not good too eat too much chili. Yes I had heard a bad story about over chili too. When I in senior high school, my friend told me that her uncle loss his colon because consume too much chili.

I was afraid off course. I always avoid many kind of spicy food. Actually I could eat spicy food. If I eat spicy food then I got diarrhea. But time flies. People change. When I follow government program  to teach in remote regency, I changed. I had to teach in regency that use different kind of chili. It is kind of too hot chili. After taste the chili I cried. Time after time then my stomach became familiar with that hot taste. Then I could eat the spicy food.

After taught at the regency I continue my study at dormitory. It was the program from government too. It is follow up the teaching in remote regency program. The I have to live in dormitory for one year. The place is in society that like spicy food. In the dormitory i have to eat everything served. And it means I always eat spicy food always. Until I became enjoy too eat spicy food. Finally  I became spicy food fan too. 

About greasy food. Hmm I don't like greasy food. I I eat greasy food too much I got headache. What I like are healthy food,  sweet food, salty food, and bland food. I was crazy about sweet food. But now I don't think so. Healthy food is something stay forever. I like it since I was a little girl until now. Salty food I eat it sometimes. 

One of my favorite food is soup. I like soup so much. Specially meat soup. I like meat soup with carrots and potatoes. And about beverage I like lemon. Warm lemon water. Not Lemon juice. After eat some food then drink warm sweet lemon. I truly  like it. If there no lemon. I prefer ice tea as my choice. And if there is no soup. I prefer roast chicken. I like it so much too.

My father and my mother have the different favorites. My father's favorite food is food used coconut. My mother favorite food is vegetable boil and sauce. I don't know how could I do not follow their favorite. I have different favorite food. I like my mother favorite food and my father favorite food too. But I do more with my own favorite. 

After I got marriage I often cook omelette. My husband likes it so much. Sometimes I give variation to the omelette. Sometimes I make potatoes omelette. Sometimes I make vegetable omelette. Sometimes I make sausage omelette. I give variation in the ingredient. Sometimes it use onion only. Sometimes it use spring onion only. Omelette is the most food that I often to cook.

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  1. and may be if we go there we can eat your omelette too