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My eyes

My eyes
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Okay my friends, now I gonna tell you about my story. My story about health complaint. It is about my eyes. Now I use glasses, I got myope. It is minus 6 for my right eye. And minus 6 too for my left eye. I actually got this symptom for myope since I was in elementary school. At that time I felt that sometime I couldn't see that clearly. If I sat at back of class, I could see the written on the whiteboard or blackboard at that time. But I don't care really.

I thought my day ran commonly. The blur sight didn't bother me as much. I still could study well. I still have many activities with my friend. And I felt I don't need glasses. When I was in junior high school. I knew that my eyes came worst. Time after time I couldn't see that bad. Even I came to my teacher and ask to sit nearest to the whiteboard, I still could read anything at the whiteboard. I felt I need glasses. But I don't want use that. So I let it be unknown for my parents.

Until I was in third grade, when all my friends busy for preparing examination. I felt afraid of my self. I could see clearly. I need to pass the examination too. I want to get good result for my lesson. I didn't want to get low mark. I the told my eyes problem to my parents. I ask them to buy glasses for me. I with my father buy glasses. When I check my eyes, it already have myope for minus 3 in right and left eye. It is bad for me. 

When I use the glasses for the first time. I thought I was that ugly. Also my head got dizzy. I felt I have sore eye too. I felt I want to vomit. Then I don't want to use the glasses. But fortunately, almost all of my friend in my class use glasses. They motivate me so I finally sure want to use that glasses. But since that time, I don't know why my eyes get too easy to watery. When I laugh, it watery that much. Also I could read book for a long time. My eyes will feel pain and watery. I could see computer screen for a long time too.

Beside felt watery. My eyes problem make me often get headache too. I don't know why it happen. Mybe it because my hobby when I was in elementary school. When I was an elementary school student. I trully like to see the sun. I often stare the sun for a long time. I felt happy with the shadow that come after the stare. I felt the sun everywhere I saw. I love that. Maybe that cause my eyes got problem. Or maybe not.

One of my habit too, I often read in the dark. I don't know it cause myope or not. But It is surely make eyes tired. And lately I know that read in the dark give headache effect. Because eyes become too tired. The eyes force too read out of their capacity. They work harder. They became that tired. And it make a headache. For addition, at that time, I don't like to drink a lot. Even in a day I maybe drink only a glass of water. It make my eyes worse.

But now I know how too keep my eyes in good condition. I need to drink enough water. I read in enough light. I don't want read in the dark anymore. Than I have to eat much vegetable too as possible. And not force my self if my eyes get watery. I have to take a rest. The most important thing is not to stare the light, like the sun. 

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