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Do You Like Music?

Do You Like Music?

If I asked to this question the answer will be "Yeah.. for years ago.. I used to like it very much. I always sing. My parents once ask me and my sister to sing in my father school. When they held a farewell party for their students. I enjoyed it. And it is one of my favorite memory. I and my sister sing kids song. But, my parents let it because they want us happy.

When I as elementary school student, I always sing in every condition. If I was sad, I would sing sad song. If I was happy, I would sing happy song. If it was normal, I would sing many song. If there was no song could describe my feeling, then I would make my own song. Lesson in the school I make such a song. If I was in the rain, I would make song about rain. I didn't know the song was beautiful or not. I only made it. And I feel good. 

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The best moment of singing that I like is singing together with some friends. I felt it would become more strong feeling. It made us happy. It made us enthusiast run the day. It was one of reason that I truly like my childhood story. Beside that I had ever lived in small village. When my parents tried to be farmer for three years. I like when I went to river, wood, field, mountain. I like when I enjoyed scene of valley. I like hiking. But I was not scout at that time. Because there was no scout movement in my school. Actually I like it.

Sometimes, I with my friends made singing game. We would like to sing one by one. We in four, five, six, or in other number. One would sing then the second one would continue until all had sung. And if we wanted to sing more, we restart it. One by one singing. We were all enthusiast about it. There is no winner in this game. The point was we all had chance to sing. And we all became happy.

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Then once again, my father ask me to sing in his school. When the school made farewell party. I didn't know people like my song or not. I just enjoyed it. I sung and I happy. My father said that it would make me as a brave. So that he asked me to sung in the farewell party. At that time I remembered, I did exercise for the song. Actually I didn't understand about voice theory. I only follow like the singer of the song. 

When I was in junior high school I still like music. At that time I found new hobby. My hobby is listening to radio. I wanted to listen some song from it. There were many radio music program. I began love pop music. I wrote some song lyric. The songs that hits at that time. I tried to memorized the songs. And I did that. 

When I in second grade of junior high school. All of my classmates like listening to the radio. We were same. We listened to the radio for listening the music program. We listening to the radio when we made our homework at our home. Sometimes some of my friend called to the radio to make song request. Sometimes they even visit to the radio station ask pepper to request the song. That pepper is for sale. And they bought so many of those. 

In class break, they wrote song lists in the request pepper. They sometimes ask all classmates to give request. They sometimes wrote their friends request. After school, they went to the radio station again. They gave the pepper request. Then it would be read by them at the night music program. When we all our home. We listening the song that we had request while we make our homework.

When I in second grade of junior high school too my school pointed by government to be vocal group for every ceremony of national day. And we all from second grade is pointed by school to be vocal group. At that year, we often miss our class because often exercise for vocal group. There was vocal teacher in our school. She is excellent in vocal lesson. She guide us to exercise well.

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That year is my last year I like music. Because when in third grade of junior high school we began busy in examination preparation. Then in high school there was such more serious. Then I lose my mood in listening music. Then I was not like before that I know every new song. I don't know anything about song and music. I joint drama extracurricular. And it was only several months. Then I focus in studying.

In University I join scout movement. Then I also focus more in my study. I didn't listening to radio again. I thought my be because too many assignment too. The assignment in University is more difficult too. It need extra time and extra thought to finished it. Then in University there were many kind of activity and event that I want to follow. I forgot the music.

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