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Daily Planning and Message

Daily planning is a common thing. Everyday people could plan about something. The it also same with a message. Everyday people give and get message. The message could be from telephone, from texting, or from conversation. In giving message people could also need someone else to give the message to the other. That's all daily life.

When I was young. when I was a students. I sometimes make a plan to meet some of friends after school. Sometime we made friendly gathering. We then cook something. Then eat together while chatting many topic as happy. Or went to somewhere. We went to tourism place and enjoy the beautiful nature. It makes us feel grateful. As a teenager life it is became unforgettable and nice memories.

As a youth maybe it become more serious plan of work. It is too busy to get friendly gathering. But sometimes maybe it could be arrange together. Sometime friends only meet at telephone. Or friends in work place ask to go out after work. But almost working people will be tired. Then do not want to get some leisure time plan. 

Some people maybe till want to make a plan to go out. Many thing could do such visiting exhibition,  visiting craft fair, go to amusement park, go to historical place, picnic, go out for dinner, lunch, barbecue, watch comedy act, spectator sport, live performance, do exercise, and many others.

youth = masa muda/ pemuda
college = perguruan tinggi
snapshot = potret/foto
adult = dewasa
plan = rencana
finish = menyelesaikan
report = laporan
work = kerja
workday = hari kerja
meeting = pertemuan/rapat
leisure activities = waktu luang
over weekend = selama akhir pekan
ticket = tiket
comedy act = acara komedi
amusement park = taman hiburan
cafeteria = cafe
craft fair = pameran kerajinan
exhibition = pameran/ pertunjukan
monument = tugu
historic = bersejarah
hockey game = permainan hockey
tournament = tunamen
concert = konser
barbecue = acara di luar rumah dengan kegiatan memanggang daging
spectator sport = olahraga yang banyak penontonnya 
live performance = pertinjukan langsung
picnic = piknik
friendly gathering = acara kumpul dengan kawan
go out = keluar rumah
lunch = makan siang
dinner = makan malam
invitation = undangan
invite =mengundang
accept = menerima
pick (someone)  up = menjemput ...
excuse = izin permisi
find out = menemukan
classmate = teman kelas
message = pesan
slips = terselip
handout = pemberitahuan
after school = pulang sekolah
impression = kesan
heart of the matter = inti permasalahan
intelligently = secara cerdas
time limit = batas waktu
a couple of minutes = beberapa menit
run errands = melakukan sesuatu 
talkative = aktif berbicara
great talking = pembicaraan yang menyenangkan
niceties = menyenangkan
hint = isyarat
interrupt = menyela
cancel = membatalkan
return = kembali
speak = berbicara
overtime = lembur
till = sampai
pressed for time = mempersingkat waktu

My favorite is going to tourism place. I am happy to see a beautiful nature. I like to see how beautiful is a culture. I like to see a cultural performance. I am happy to go somewhere that have beautiful scenery. I love to see a beautiful valley. I feel comfort there. And I could feel how beautiful this world. It make me happier.  

I don't like make a telephone. I am not a talkative person. I sometimes just don't know what to say. Actually I like a great talking. But, I am only a listener. I don't want to interrupt.  I let people talk a lot. For me listening are nice. Sometimes I do not want to speak. Sometimes I want to speak but don't know how to. So I love to press for time. That's why I prefer go out for enjoying a beautiful tourism place. I only have to see and feel happy. 

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