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About Geography

The world is a beautiful place. There are so many beautiful scenery that we could see everyday. The world has it own system of live. The world is also alive. It has mountain, valley, plateau, hill, forest, volcano, canyon, cliff, waterfall, river, lake, sea, desert, coral, reef, beach, swamp, plain, and moon. It season change. It has winter, summer, autumn, and dry.  That is all beautiful to see and lovely to feel. 

valley = lembah
plateau = dataran tinggi
hill = bukit
mountain = gunung
mountanious = bergunung-gunung
forest = hutan
volcano = gunung berapi
canyon = jurang/tebing
cliff = karang yang terjal/jurang
waterfall = air terjun
flow = mengalir
blow = meniup
river = sungai
lake = danau
ocean = samudera
sea = laut
coral = kerang
reef = batuan
beach = pantai
swamp = rawa/payau
plains = daratan
desert = padang pasir
summer = musim panas
winter = musim dingin
cool = dingin
atmosphere = atmosfer
moon = bulan
pollution = polusi
world = dunia
environment = lingkungan
urban = kota
habitat = tempat tinggal
building = bangunan
gasoline = bensin
steady = terus menerus
heat = panas
bulb = bohlam
halogen = lampu yang sangat terang
fluorescent = berpendar/berpijar
faucet = keran
leaky = bocor
global warming = pemanasan global
farm = perkebunan/peternakan
disposable = sekali pakai
diaper = popok
recycling = pengolahan ulang

About dry area, I ever been in such place like that. When I live at Timur Tengah Utara, Nusa Tenggara Timur. I live at truly dry area. Almost along a year there is no rain there. There is a river there. But it only has a little of water. Even several river has no water at all. It only reef there. There is water. The dust is everywhere. And there is only few of trees.

It really hot there. But the other side it also has winter there. There is no snow. But it truly cool in winter. It has cool wind. The wind blow very cool. There is also mist at that time. Only could see in short sight. It is said that the winter come from Australian wind. Because the area is nearly to the continent.

I think it is really different from almost all Indonesia regency. Indonesia is tropical country. It has tropical climate. And almost all area is fertile. Indonesia has so many forest. It also has so many big river, lake, and mountain. It should not become dry. It has enough water. Maybe only in Timor island Indonesia is a dry country. However, Timor island has fertile area too. It has mountain too. But not as many as other islands of Indonesia. And not as fertile too.

Then the most beautiful nature I ever seen is Sumatera Barat. It has a great nature. It has a great mountain. It has big lakes. It has several beautiful valleys. I think Sumatera Barat is a good sample to say Indonesia is wonderful tropical country. The forest is also so rich. I admire their nature. 

In my origin, Bengkulu, there is really beautiful beach. The sand is truly white and soft. It also has long beach. Maybe Bengkulu has the most long beach in Indonesia. But the popular one is not that long. Only some of the beaches are tourism place.  

For all the beautiful places, the most important thing is to keep the environment. Human have to take care much about the world nature. Should not throw garbage in wrong place. Keep the nature clean. Keep the water clean. So the river and the sea will be clean. And the weather will will friendly. So that all people could live in this world as comfort.

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