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Classroom Management

Classroom Management
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Teaching is complex activity that needs complex ability. Teaching process as since could not mean as easy. Teacher should master several base abilities in teaching process. One of them is classroom management. Classroom management is teacher ability to handle the class as good process to be success. The classroom should be conducive to make students comfort to learn (Nurhalisah, 2010). The teacher should also make the student be in effective condition and focusing them if they have such trouble. It means classroom management is all about making the learning process become success. Then, it means it is really important for teacher to handle. Because of that the author would like to discuss about the classroom management. First, it is about the student. Second, it is about the physically class condition and third, it is about the teacher approach. For the three the author would like to discuss one by one.

First of all is about the student. The students have different characteristic and ability. This problem may cause any dynamic condition to be appearing in learning process. For example, there are student who are often disturb their friend. Therefore, Teacher should make a deal with these students before that teacher will give them punishment if they disturb their fiend. So they will aware about punishment as their promise. Then, for the student who are lazy, teacher can motivate them with the challenging activity. Teacher should aware and know about their student.

Second, it is about physically classroom management. It means teacher should make the classroom comfortable to use. For example, the student chairs management, it can use classical management or teacher can manage them in groups. Besides that, about the position of whiteboard, it should be clear to be seen by students from all direction. Then, trash can and so on. It is all should exist in the right place.

Last, it is about the teacher approach. The teacher could use several type of approach in learning process. There is the warmness approach as teacher should become warm toward students. It is important in order to make student feel comfort toward their teacher. The student will not feel that the in military condition in discipline learning process. Then, there is flexibility that means teacher do not feel clumsy in their own class. The teacher for that should master the material and have a good self confidence. Besides that, the teacher could give the students challenge activity to the student, giving variation ( Mulyadi, 2009).

The purpose of classroom management is to make the student comfort to learn. They can learn in effective condition. Then it can make the learning process become effective and success. So, for indicator, if the students condition has become as what the teacher expect to be, it means the classroom have a good management. The teacher could do the teaching process as effective. Then if there is any problem. Teacher should do approach and strategy to handle it. Teacher could give variation if the students seems boring. And the teacher could give the challenge activity to motivate them.

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