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Kota Bengkulu Tourism Destination

Posted by cuapguru on Sunday, December 23, 2018

Kota Bengkulu is capital city of Bengkulu Province. Kota Bengkulu is a coastal city. It is located at south of Sumatera, Indonesia. Kota Bengkulu is about 151, 70 km2 wide. It has nine subdistricts: Selebar, Kampung Melayu, Gading Cempaka, Ratu Agung, Ratu Samban, Singaran Pati, Teluk Segara, Sungai Serut, and Muara Bangkahulu.

Kota Bengkulu is a beautiful city. It has a lot of beautiful tourism destination. Here is several popular destination in Kota Bengkulu.

Sukarno's Exile Home
Sukarno was the first president of Indonesia. He was a prominent leader of Indonesia nationalist movement during the Dutch colonial period. He was sent to Kota Bengkulu by the Dutch for preventing make a political speech. Kota Bengkulu is a city that fairly hard to reach. Kota Bengkulu also lack of political activity. It is because Sukarno was sent by. Then, he spent over four years live at his exile home in Kota Bengkulu.

Fatmawati Soekarno House
Fatmawati Soekarno House is located about hundreds meters close to Simpang Lima Kota Bengkulu. Fatmawati is Sukarno wife that sew Indonesia first national flag. In Fatmawati Soekarno house there is an old sewing mechine that was use to sow the flag.

Pantai Panjang
pantai panjang bengkulu

Pantai Panjang is the most popular tourism destination among native. To enter this tourism destination, there is nothing such retribution. It is free to get there. And the area is truly long. People could choose anywhere they want to spend time. It is beautiful beach with white sand. It has so many casuarina trees. You could buy some food there. You could also buy a coconut. You can bike ride along the path too.

Fort Marlborough
fort marlborough

Fort Marlborough was built between 1713-1719 by East Indian Company. It was built for accommodation, trade, and military purpose. It is the biggest British fort in Indonesia. It has a rectangular layout. It has an arrowhead shaped bastion on each corner. There is a dry moat follows the trace of the fort. And there is a wooden bridge spans it.

Pantai Jakat
pantai jakat bengkulu

This is a calm water beach. This is the only beach that safe to enjoy a swim. If you come to Kota Bengkulu, do not swim at beach except at Pantai Jakat. Pantai Jakat located close to Fort Marlborough.  

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