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The Outline of John Steinbeck’s The Pearl

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The pearl is a valuable thing. When I heard the title was the pearl I immediately thought that this novel told about prestise and everything about valuable thing as human like to have. I though it was about wishes.

II. Point of view

•  Third person point of view

Juana went to the little fire. She took a piece of coal and blew it until it started to burn. Then Juana put pieces of wood on the fire. Kino got up and puled his blanket around his head and shoulders. He pushed his feet into his sandals and went outside. He stood and watched the sun come up.

I say that is third person point of view because in this paragraph, the writer told us with : “he,she,”
The writer is not the main character but the writer is the teller of that story. 

• The omniscient point of view

Now, all the people felt ashamed because they could not help Kino. They slowly went away. The beggars went back to the church steps. Kino’s friends went home. They tried to forget Kino and Juana and the shame that they felt.

This is the omniscient point of view because the writer told everything that the people thought.

• The dramatic point of view

As Juana spoke, the light came back into Kino’s eyes. His eyes shone with anger and his face became hard.

In my idea, this is a kind of the dramatic point of view, because in this part, the reader can be an observer. We can see and hear everything that was happening but cannot know what they think.

III. Plot

• Kino found the pearl

Rising Action: 
• Kino had so many plans cause the pearl

• Someone wanted to stole the pearl, Kino became afraid, He and his wife ran away

Falling Action: 
• Kino came back to the town

• Kino threw the pearl back to the sea

IV. Characterization

• Kino

Kino stood in the door, with hate burning iin his eyes. He was afraid again. He was afraid because the doctor’s race had beaten and robbed Kino’s race for hundreds of years.

»From the text above I can say that kino is stupid one. He afraid someone just because he from the worse race. And he had a bad temper. He angry with the doctor too.

• Juana

Kino  looked at Juana. He could see no fear or weakness in her face. Juana’s eyes were very bright and they seemed to make Kino strong. When kino and Juana started walking again, he was no longer frightened.

»So, Juana is a good wife. She is faithful and strong.

• Coyotito
»The baby of Kino and Juana. Nothing special. 

• Juan Tomas

Every time Juan Thomas went to see his neighbours, he came back with something for Kino and juana. Juan thomas brought a little bag of red beans and some rice. He brought a cup of dried peppers and some salt, and he brought a long, heavy knife. Kino’s eyes shone when he saw the knife. Kino touched the knife and it felt very sharp.

»Juan is kind to his brother. He do everything to help his brother.

• Doctor
Have I nothing better to do than make little indian well?” he shouted. “I am not an animal doctor!

»From that I can conclude that the doctor is an arogant people. He is unkind and pride.

• Apolonia

Then Juana and kino heard the shouts of their friends and the loud, high cry of Apolonia, the wife of Juan Thomas. Apolonia began to cry, like all the women cried when someone died in the family. Suddenly, Apolonia saw that she was wearing her old shawl. She ran into the house to get her best shawl. As Apolonia looked in the box by the wall, Kino spoke very quietly.

»The text show that Apolonia care with family like the other woman and she also care about something she wear.

• Pearl buyer

A fat man sat waiting in an office. The face’s looked kind and friendly. He was a man that said, “Good morning!” to everyone. He alwasys shook hand and told jokes. He always said nice things to please people, but he was not an honest man. This morning, the man had put a flower in a vace. He had put the vace beside the black cloth on his desk. He had shaved carefully and his hands were clean. 

»It is clear that he is looked kind and friendly but he is not an honest man.

• Trackers

Suddenly, the trackers saw something and they bent over to look more closely. The man on the hourse waited and watched. The trackers made a noise like excited dogs. Kino slowly pulled out his knife and got ready. He knew what he must do. If the trackers found Kino, then he must jump at the hourseman. He must kill the hourseman quickly and take the rifle. That was Kino’s only chance. As the man came nearer, Kino got ready.

»The trackers are very clever hunter.

V. Situation 
• The location
1. Kino’s house
2. The Doctor’s house
Kino asked for the Doctor to help his son, Coyotito
3. The beach
Place where Kino found the pearl
4. The buyer pearl office
Where Kino tried to sold the pearl
5. Juan house
Kino and Juana hide in this house
6. In the forest
Kino and Juana ran away

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