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Scout for all student

People may be not familiar about “impeesa”. It means “a wolf that never sleeps”. It is a noble name for Lord Baden-Powell as superman that has very brave soul. He got it from African clan like Zulu, Ashanti, and Mirabelle. He is multitalented man with good behavior. As his worship to God of his talent, He wants to make the next generation able to be like him. He makes scout organization. It also exists in Indonesia right now. It is good for all Indonesia students to join in that organization because it is good guide, good organization, and good area for.
sumber gambar: ppg bing V UNP
Scout is good as behavior guide. It is an organization that makes religion as belief as the first point to be our behavior lay for. For example, in Dasa Darma as scout ethic code, the point about scout should have well belief and worship to God is the first point. Besides that, this organization care about nature. For example, doing exercise at nature environment become as icon in scout.

Also, scout has well organization in two terms. Scout has student’s book to be fulfill. The students should fulfill all criteria that mean they reach the criteria. Then, scout has stage level to be followed. It gives the student such motivation to go forward.

In addition, scout is international organization. It is good for students for chance go international and get wide knowledge. For getting international event is not easy, but they can get it in scout. Scout has international event to be followed by scout from all over the world. Then, it makes them automatically improve their knowledge. They become student who has wide knowledge.

For all the reason, it is very good if all Indonesian students join the movement of scout. They can be good behavior student. Also, they can get good experience in organization. For addition, they have a wider knowledge about the world. Even though there are still people who think scout is wasting time. Also, it is not interesting. But, for the entire positive reason that explained. The scout is still good.

7 comments for "Scout for all student"

  1. Pramuka diharapkan membuat siswa lebih disiplin dalam belajar, lebih mahir dalam kehidupan sehari hari, lebih tahu akan bangsa nya sendiri

  2. I extremely agree with your article

  3. unfortunatelly i was never be member of scout. Coz i didn't get permission from my mom

  4. Pernah ikut pramuka waktu sd, dan benar jadi diajarkan kedisiplinan dan tanggung jawab

  5. aku selama sekolah gak pernah ikut ekskul pramuka. Wah, jadi nyesel... hehe

  6. Wuhuuu dulu aku anak Pramuka. Tapi sebentar ikutnya tuuu. Soalnya kalo abis kemah, suka demam. *cemeeen wkwk

  7. Aku dlu semangat skali pramuka. Tapi akhirnya nggak dibolehkan lagi krna bnyak agenda d pramuka .Hehee

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