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Fort Marlborough

fort marlborough
There are forts almost in every province in Indonesia. Also in Bengkulu. The most popular fort in Bengkulu is Fort Marlborough. Fort Marlborough is the biggest Fort in Indonesia. It was east Indian Company from England Fort. It was  build at 1713-1719 by Bengali workers. It was build for their accommodation place, trade, and for the military place.

In almost every place, Fort was become a tourism place. It is a culture and history tourism. It is great place and full of history information. Pupil and students can study in the fort for searching information about history lesson.

Usually, so many people go to the tourism place like this. The Fort can be the favorites tourism in one province. Unfortunately it is different in Bengkulu. Even Fort Marlborough is the biggest England Fort in  Indonesia, it lack of visitors. People who go there just about 50 in every day. It is far different like the other country who has so many visitor in their history tourism.

Actually, Tourism and Cultural Department of Bengkulu have take full care of Fort Marlborough. Everyday there are  delegation from the department in Fort Marlborough, tour guard and  receptionist. For addition, the Fort has been already clean and beautiful place. Unfortunately it still lack of visitors. Thus, this essay will examine the causes of the lack visitor in Fort Marlborough and look at some of the solution.

Several factor have contributed to Bengkulu’s this lack tourism visitors problems. One of the main causes of the lack tourism visitors  problem is the bad infrastructure. The road in almost all area in Bengkulu are terrible. It is full of hole and waved. This road make land transportation face difficulties to reach Bengkulu. it make more time to reach Bengkulu. Also, it make the vehicle easy to become worst. Thus, people reluctant to come to Bengkulu.

Also, Bengkulu is far to reach as comfortable.  Bengkulu road at mountain, liku Sembilan, is terrible road that people may get headache cause so rounded road. The straight road is rare in Bengkulu. people also become reluctant to go to Bengkulu because they do not want have the terrible journey. 

For addition, another contributing factor is the lack of public transportation. The public transportation rarely pass the tourism place. The tourism place in Bengkulu usually exist in unreachable area. And several tourism place have far space. It make the people find difficulties o move from one tourism place to another tourism place.  

For all the causes. It finally make the bad effect for Bengkulu itself. One of the effect is Bengkulu is not become favorite place from people outside Bengkulu to visit. They do not want to come with terrible journey, difficult to get transportation, and feel uncomforted.

Cause that Bengkulu can not earn much money from tourism. Whereas it is the potential source that Bengkulu has. Bengkulu still need help for many its needs. Bengkulu can not fill the needs itself. Actually Bengkulu can be a tourism province, but it still not.

The solution from all these problem is the reorganize from the government to more better care for tourism, especially fort Marlborough. The government should budget more fund for the renovation. 

For revive Fort Marlborough tourism, the government should reestablish the infrastructure. The road should have no hole in there so that people do not reluctant to come to Bengkulu. the government also should make additional facility for tourism place. 

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