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A Reflexion of English Language Teaching Technique Course

A Reflexion of English Language Teaching Technique Course
What I have learnt in this course?
Fistly  when I heard the name of lecture ‘ELT Technique’ I immediately thought that I would learn about the techniques of teaching. I thought I would be the same as ELT Methodology. I did  not think any differences. I have no idea for that. And then,  after the lecture came  by I soon know that ELT  Technique is about the technique for teaching . It is not like ELT Methodology that should be learn about the methodology. Thus, in ELT Technique I would learn about how to teach Reading, Speaking, Writing, and  Listening.

In this course I have learnt  about what is reading and how to improve our reading skill as well as we should teach it in the future. Reading is communication process as we get the information and the meaning. Reading is about shared assumption,  the role of the scema,  presupposition,  active involvement of the reader, reading as  interaction,    making sense of the text, about prediction, also top-down and botton up processing.

I have known that when read something I  should assure myself that I will remember it as i am the responsible reader. If i will forget it. I should not read it for beginning. Then, I should know to the reason what should i read. For this i have an idea that not everything that exist in the world I should know. I should choose hat i want to known what i no need to know. So i just read what is important to me, especially as English teacher in the future.

I should know many thing for being able to command student to read. I should able to use kind to improve reading speed (skimming and scanning) to get faster understanding. As I will command the student to do the same. Then, i also know about the different between intensive reading and extensive reading. Intensive reading is for deep understanding each detail, and extensive reading is for reading more much to get more information not for knowing every detail.

For teaching reading we should know the level of my student. For avoiding the wrong way in teaching. I could not expect them to run before walk and could not help them in the situation that they should learn how to be independent. Beside that, it is important to choose the right material to teach reading.

Then, for teaching listening, I have learnt that in teaching listening I  could use song to the class activity, but the song should suitable for being in this class. The song should be should be good content. Also it should be easy to sing together. Beside that for the real teaching listening I could use the tape recorder or the listen and repeat, listen and do, listen and write.

For using the tape, first I should  listen it before lt student to listen it. I should know what the story is about and for making any question to asses student comprehension. Then, in teaching learning activity I use three phase technique, pre, while, and post.

In the pre listening I could do such motivation and apperception. The apperseption to make they think. It may question, movie, joke or short story. Then I let them to listen to the tape. For final we can command them to make summary or give the some question.

For teaching speaking, there is the difference about teaching for junior high school and for senior high school. For junior high school, they just learn survival English, it is about how to say their feeling, how to as something, how to describe their feeling, and about conversation in the market. Then, for senior high school they should learn English to prepare an academic English.

there is a different situation. It is one know and other do not know or they both really know.  It can use the one know and other do not, as one as information, he can be the one who have something that other should guest.then we cause any games. like one group whit sentence begin with ’because’ and other group write sentence begin with ‘ why’. It will be any variation to make the class not monotone.

For teaching writing we can command student to write something depend on their level. The important is to make them brave to use he new word that they just get.

Why should we learn this skills?
We should learn this skill because we are English department student in teacher training. We will be academician that almost must be an teacher. Therefore we should know the technique to teach the English in each skills. Then, we should assure ourselves that we master the lesson for able to teach it.
It is important to know about what is reading and how to improve reading is important to know what kind of tecnihique that we can use. The teacher roleand the student role and other is so important.

What do you feel during learn this course?
For the fist time, I mean before mid test i feel boring because it seem hard to understand the material in the book. As it just for on skill, reading but,it is complicated. There are so many term in that material. More over the sistem is group discussion.

Every week may be different because there are some group that explain  clearly and there are some other that bias. It is not clear compare to the lecture itself that explain the material. I do not know how the discussion class should be, but it seems that every discussion class not like discussion class. It is just the explanation that difficult to understand. Almost everyone looked confuse and do not understand. I usually feel sleepy too for this kind of class. But, I try to understand what exactly they say.

What is the weakness in the teaching learning activity?
Actually I can not saying the weakness if I myself do not strong enough. But may be I just want to say that I do not remember about what I have learn in detail. I do not know what, but I find it difficult to understand and difficult to remind again. It is in the presentation group class. More over it rarely to find the presentation slide that math to my mind. It seem not clear enough. 

What is the strenght in the teaching learning activity
Strength in this cause teaching learning activity is the suitable material for this course. We get many thing that we really should know. We can clearly know what should we do for teaching any kind of skills. We know what is reading, any kind of way to improve reading skill. We know howto teach reading, listening, and speaking. We know about teaching scenario, too.

For the assignment, the lecture inform us long time before it should collect. It make the student have long time to prepare the assignment. The instruction also clear, so the student can understand what should they do.

What is your suggest to make it better?
I do not like discussion class like before. I do not like that some student that not really understand to present the material. It make me difficult to understand and also easy to forget it. I want the activity just like the activity after mid test. It make me clearly understand.

About he course time, I want the time not in mid day. It can hold in the morning or in the afternoon. The lecture in the mid day make me feel sleepy.

What is your expectation to learn this course?
For learning this course I expect to know about kind of technique of teaching English. I expect to know about how to teach listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Actually I expect to know about the teaching scenario in detail, but it just assignment. There is no detail explanation. I expect to improve my knowledge and ability in teaching technique.