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Continuous Tense

Posted by cuapguru on Saturday, December 30, 2017

(bentuk waktu sedang)

Pola Kalimat:

(+) S  to be Ving O
(?) to be S Ving O?
(-) S to be not Ving  O


to be = am/is/are

untuk subject I am
untuk subject She, He, It is
untuk subject They, We, Youare

1.    Mereka sedang minum sprite.
(+) They are drinking sprite
(?) Are they drinking sprite?
(-) They are not drinking sprite.

2.    Dia (laki-laki) sedang makan apel.
(+) He is eating an apple.
(?) Is he eating an apple?
(-) He is not eating an apple.

*Jika tidak ada kata kerja maka ditambahkan being.

Contoh :
·        Mereka sedang senang
They are being happy

·        Dia (perempuan) sedang marah
She is being angry

Thanks for reading & sharing cuapguru

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