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Perfect Tense

Posted by cuapguru on Saturday, December 30, 2017

  (waktu sudah)

Pola Kalimat:
(+) S  have/has V3  O
(?) Have/has  S  V3  O
(-) S  have/has  not  V3 O

has/have = sudah/telah
I, We, You, Theyhave
She, He, Ithas

-         He eats the apple (present)
-         He is eating the apple (continuous)
-         He ate the apple (past)
-         He will eat the apple (future)

(+) He has eaten the apple Dia sudah makan apel itu
(?) Has he eaten the apple?Sudahkah dia makan apel itu?
(-) He has not eaten the apple.Dia belum makan apel itu

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