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Posted by cuapguru on Saturday, December 30, 2017

(waktu akan datang)

Pola Kalimat:
(+)  S  shall/will V1  O
(?) Shall/will  S
V1 O?
(-) S shall/will
not V1 O


Shall/ will = akan

I and We shall
They, You, He, She, It will

-         He eats the apple (present)Dia makan apel itu (tidak ada waktu spesifik).
-         He is eating the apple (continuous)Dia sedang makan apel itu.
-         He ate the apple (past)Dia tadi makan apel  itu.

(+) He will eat the appleDia akan makan apel itu.
Will he eat the apple?Akankah dia makan apel itu?
He will not eat the appleDia tidak akan makan apel itu.

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