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Backward Village’s Education in Bengkulu

Posted by cuapguru on Thursday, September 13, 2018

source: Yulian Efendi
Indonesia has so many islands. Some of the island has a wide area. It makes the government find it is difficult to control all of them. Because of that, there are many places that seem still in backward. Almost all provinces still have backward villages. It also happens in Bengkulu Province. Bengkulu has many backward villages. One of them is Tetap at Kaur district, Bengkulu Province.  The backward condition make it has backward education. It still needs many actions to improve for. There is some problem that should be solved. Because of that, in this essay I would like to tell you about the cause and effect that happen in backward villages in Bengkulu. They are infrastructure, funding, and teacher.

The first is the lack of infrastructure. The infrastructure there is very bad.  The road is extremely underdeveloped. Moreover, the extreme hole and the extreme far distance through forest area become the addition problem for teachers. The teachers often fall at the road. It makes them become late to the school. 
source: Yulian Efendi
The second is the lack of school funding. The school will not get the big funding because of two reasons. It because the school only has little number of students. Then, it because the school has no good in quality of academic as well. So, because of these reason they will not get more funding from government. Unfortunately, it only make them worst. They will never have enough facility.

The last, lack number of teacher is also the problem for the school. The school only has several teachers. The teachers that the schools already have are often absent. It makes the student of the school rarely to study. Also, it makes them early to go home.
source: Yulian Efendi
The entire problem is will be the same problem in the other place with the same condition of village. In Indonesia the place like this is not just a little. Bengkulu is only an example. But, all of the reason of the backward education should be solved as fast. The backward village needs to be improve in infrastructure. Also it needs more funding. Then, the students also need more teachers to teach for. 

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